Welcome to the CEMS Parent’s Association

If you are a parent or guardian of a student(s) enrolled at the Cape Elizabeth Middle School you are part of the MSPA. Through a number of fundraisers and other efforts, MSPA enriches the academic, social and extracurricular environments of the Middle School.

A Major part of the Parent’s Association work is fundraising. Every year, several thousand dollars are dispensed to CEMS teachers to fund innovative and unique classroom projects which fall outside the scope of the regular school budget. It is also a goal to provide a portion of the funding for outdoor experience programming for all grade levels.

The members of the MSPA Executive Board are elected annually by the MSPA members-at-large at the June MSPA meeting.
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We meet at the CEMS board room on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If you have a child in the Middle School, you are automatically a member of the Parent’s Association and encouraged to attend the monthly MSPA meetings. So, stay connected to the school community and get involved. No commitment of time is too big or too small.
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