MSPA Budget

The MSPA raises money through several events, programs and donations throughout the year. Through our teacher grant program, this money is used to fund innovative and unique classroom projects which fall outside the scope of the regular school budget. We also help fund the Outdoor Experience Programs for all grade levels. Our budgets our approved by the membership-at-large during our September MSPA meeting. Click on the below links to review each budget. Budgets are updated throughout the calendar year as events occur. Our budget cycle runs from June 30th to July 1.

The Annual MSPA Budget

Click here to review our annual budget. This budget covers both revenue gains and expenditures for fundraisers and other school events.

The Outdoor Experience Program Budget

Click here to review both our General Fund and Funds per Grade Level that are allocated to Outdoor Experience Programs. The CLYNK and Hannaford Grocery Card Program are two, ongoing fundraisers that our key fund builders for our class accounts. Learn more about them and get involved!

The Grant Budget

Click here to be connected to our Teacher Grant Budget. Grant proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis at our MSPA Monthly meetings. For more information on the Grant Program and the applications, please review the Grant tab on our home page.