CLYNK Results as of 10/23/2017

CEMS has raised $456.50 with CLYNK in just these first 3 1/2 weeks of October! That is amazing! 1st place continues to go to Mrs. Karlonas’ class with $21.00 in returnables. There is a tie for 2nd between the Lawlor-Rohner / Payne Advisory Team and Mrs. Geikie’s Homeroom as they have both collected $14.40 this month. Team Ramsey / Dana and Mr. Kerr have tied at 3rd with $10.35 being deposited. Mrs. Arbour stays near the top in 4th bringing in $8.35. We have a few teams who aren’t on the board yet this month. Remember 5th and 6th grade, grab bags from your homerooms and 7th and 8th Grade from your advisories.

We will announce the winner for October at the end of next week!