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This year’s cover features a mural painted by Jack Fibich photographed by Joanne Lee!

Cape Elizabeth School Directorypre order your copies of the 2016-2017 school directory and have  nearly every family’s name (including children and grade, K-12) address, phone number and email information at your fingertips. MSPA will gratefully provide you with a directory with your annual suggested donation of $15. Additional copies are available for $5 each. Please be sure to return your directory pre-order form with payment by September 30th!  This handy reference also provides names and phone numbers for the Superintendent’s Office, Pond Cove School, Middle School, High School, Cape Elizabeth School Board, Pond Cove Parents’ Association Officers, Middle School Parents’ Association Officers and High School Parents’ Association Officers. The current school year calendar is on the inside of the front cover. In the back there are class lists, a Cape Elizabeth map and street index as well as directions to the various athletic fields. No wonder many parents have one for their home, office AND car.

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*** If you choose to make the recommended donation of $15 or more to MSPA, you will receive your first copy of the directory at no additional cost. Please add $5 if you would like more than one copy. It is not mandatory to pay the $15 donation to MSPA. If you choose not to donate, you may still purchase directories at $5 each. ***