Mini-Grant Procedures


The purpose of the mini-grant is to provide funding for innovative faculty and staff projects, ideas and opportunities that would not otherwise be funded by the school budget.

There is no such thing as a mini-grant too small. The MSPA encourages requests even if the amount is less than $100.

Mini-grants that are larger in dollar amount (e.g. anything over $600) should benefit a greater portion of Middle School students.

All funds need to be used in the current year, therefore mini-grants will not be carried over.


  1. Mini-grant request form with attached cover letter are located in the Middle School faculty and staff mailroom
  2. Complete form and submit to CEMS Principal
  3. Principal reviews mini-grants requests and completes bottom portion of form.
  4. Principal submits form to MSPA box no later than Friday prior to MSPA monthly meeting
  5. MSPA mini-grant chair presents grants during monthly meeting
  6. MSPA decides to approve, partially fund, deny or further review mini-grant